The NPVC Lie

Make yourselves sheep and the wolves will eat you! — Benjamin Franklin

For decades, tyrants have attempted to eliminate the Electoral College and effectively silence the majority of middle America. The Big Lie: the election of our President should be based on “one vote, one voice”. Since the 1960’s, legislators and the Supreme Court have thwarted these attempts by pointing out the framers intent to protect the state sovereignty through the Electoral College. It was made clear that Article II of the US Constitution allows the states to effectively take liberty in deciding how to conduct their elections, but the intent was always for it to be based on that states populous. These tyrants knew that they needed a new tactic and have now shifted gears to use state sovereignty as a way to try and subvert the Constitutional legislative process and advance their failing agenda. They have created an unconstitutional National Popular Vote Compact (NPVC) that will effectively violate Articles II and IV of the US Constitution and make the electoral college irrelevant. This will silence the voices of millions of Americans. Norman Williams, BYU Law Review, states “Article II gives states broad discretion to choose the manner of appointing their electors, but not every conceivable method of appointment falls within the scope of that discretion. States may choose to conduct popular elections, but the states’ appointment of electors must be based on the results of each state’s poll, not aggregated with those from other states. By attempting to provide for the direct popular election of the President, the NPVC attempts to reverse the framers’ decision to eschew such manner of election, and it therefore exceeds the power delegated by the Constitution to the states.” They will not give up until they find any way they can to eliminate your freedoms and liberties.

The Popular Vote vs. the Electoral College

NO National Popular Vote!



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