This is Our Country

The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed by the blood of tyrants and patriots from time to time.

— Thomas Jefferson

The American Republic is based on the premise that power is not bestowed upon the people by a higher authority, but rather granted by his Creator and merely preserved by an authority granted by the people. There is an opposing enemy of our Republic who seeks to destroy our way of life because it threatens their ability to control, regulate and enslave the people under tyranny.

A healthy Republic relies on a united people to maintain order and prevent tyranny. They must divide us to control us. Our greatest weapon of warfare is to remove the labels they have given us and unite under only one: American. We can no longer allow them to tell us we are black, white, brown, gay, straight, Christian, atheist, or Jew, but only American; the free people of this United States of America.

We must think freely, remove their “group think” ideas from our conversations and use civil discourse to find the solutions for our peoples problems. Their ideas are not our ideas, their agendas are not our agendas, they do not live where we live, work where we work, eat where we eat. This is Our country, these are Our people and this is America!



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