“Red Flag Laws”


  • Red Flag Laws should be a BIG RED FLAG for all Americans!

15 states have already passed these unconstitutional laws that deprive their targets of due process along with a slew of other direct violations of our constitutional protections.

Red flag laws are “laws” put into place that allow for family members, spouses, household occupants, teachers, doctors and even ex-girlfriends/boyfriends (and in some cases any member of the public) to file a petition about someone that they feel may be a threat to themselves or others based on the petitioners word only, no proof necessary, in order to have the respondents second amendment right suspended without due process of law.

The petition is taken to a judge. That judge then decides whether or not to issue an order to confiscate all of the respondents firearms without so much as talking to the respondent. There is no communication with the respondent at all through the entire process up until the police that are carrying out the court order are knocking on the respondents door at any hour of the day or night. The respondent is not given a day in court or any notice of the complaint or order. They are now rendered guilty until proven innocent!

Red Flag Laws are in direct violation of these Constitutional amendments:

The 1st Amendment is violated in that the entire process can start from a badly worded opinion on a social media post taken out of context or an argument with a family member that disagrees with your political views which can then escalate to legal actions based on speech. 

The 2nd Amendment is violated by confiscating lawfully owned guns from law abiding citizens without due process.

The 4th Amendment is violated through unlawful search and seizure, not only of the respondents home, but also of any place the government thinks the respondent may store firearms including the homes of neighbors and family members, violating their rights as well, all off of one court order.

The 5th Amendment is violated in that the respondent is being deprived of liberty and property without due process of law. 

The 6th Amendment is violated in that the respondent is not afforded the right to face their accuser or the right to due process before a warrant is issued and executed.  

The 14th Amendment, section 1. Is violated through denying citizens liberty and or property without due process of law and denying equal protection of the law.

Imagine if you will, a 61-year-old man, peacefully sleeping in his own home is abruptly woken to the sound of banging on his front door. He is half asleep and has no expectation of anyone banging on the door of his home at 5am. He gets out of bed and grabs his pistol for just in case and makes his way to see what the noise is all about. He asks “who is it?” And is answered by local police declaring themselves. He then lays his pistol down on a nearby table feeling a sense of safety because its the police and surely they are at the door because he can be of assistance in some way. 

He opens the door to talk to them and he is then faced with a moment that no freedom loving constitutional patriot wants to face. The police explain that they are there by means of a court order to confiscate all of his firearms and he just needs to step back and comply. 

As soon as the words came out of the officers mouth the man realized that he was not safe and that the police were there to literally take his guns away. He was forced into a split second decision to either comply or stand up for himself against the face of tyranny. He reached for his pistol and was met with deadly force. 

One officer pushed into the home and tried to physically keep the man from his own gun. In the split second scuffle of the both of them trying to gain control of the firearm, it went off. It did not hit anyone, but at that moment the other officer opened fire on and killed the man who was just minutes ago fast asleep. 

This is not a realistic scenario. This is not an overdramatic example of what might happen if the government was to become tyrannical, push aside the constitution and start taking guns away from its citizens without due process or the respect of any rights at all.

Nice try but THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED in the small town of Glen Burnie, in the state of Maryland in The United States Of America on November 5th 2018. You may be inclined to think, well he should have complied. He should have just let the police serve their warrant and live to fight this in court and maybe you would be right, but at that moment when you are faced with the government showing up at your door to take away your second amendment right… what will you do?

How many of you fly a “don’t tread on me” flag? How many of you say “come and take it” or “from my cold dead hands”? When faced with the reality that you may have the government showing up at your door to take away your guns, without notice, without due process and without even committing a crime. Will you surrender to tyranny of or will you stand up for your rights? 

Gary Willis chose not to comply that day and lost his life because of a Red Flag Law.

The sequence of events that lead to Gary’s death and will lead to other deaths are first, a member of the Maryland state legislation proposed an unconstitutional law. Others co-sponsored and supported it. Then the unconstitutional law was pushed through to the Governor’s desk where he then signed the unconstitutional law into place. The law was then enacted and then complaints were made taking advantage of the new law. A judge issued an unconstitutional order of gun confiscation based on the word of one person without the burden of proof or even a hearing or trial for the respondent. The unlawful order was then carried out by local police. Everyone in this chain of events, with the exception of the one that made the complaint, took an oath of office or station to protect and uphold the Constitution of The United States as a condition of holding their position. All of those oaths were broken. 

Supporting unconstitutional Red Flag Laws are literally trading freedom for security, and as the famous saying goes.

“People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both” – Benjamin Franklin.


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