‘Red Flag Laws’ for Dummies

Given the recent results in Dayton and El Paso, the media and their politicians have introduced the topic of “Red Flag” laws to the national consciousness. However, while making the concept appear to be panacea to ending the scourge of mass shooting in the United States, those little details of how it could affect gun owners and can also be used in nefarious ways was left out of the conversation.

As is sadly the case, whenever there’s any kind of mass casualty event involving a shooting and the kneejerk political call for “gun control” is sounded, John Lott (president of the Crime Prevention Research Center) is asked for his opinion on the the latest legislative remedy, its Constitutionality and whether it will really work.

Lott appeared on Mark Levin’s 8/7/19 radio program and offered the following opinion regarding the introduction of Red Flag laws, some already in place in the United States.

gun control Red Flag laws

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