Arizona Mafia Front Man

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Meet Marco Lopez – Front Man 

Boy Wonder of the Arizona Mafia


– Served as an aid to Congressman Ed Pastor

– Worked for the Al Gore Campaign

– Former Mayor of Nogales as the “youngest Mayor in the country” 22 Years Old

– Appointed by Janet Napolitano as the Exec Director of the Arizona-Mexico Commission.

– Promoted to Latin American Adviser and eventually to become Senior Adviser to Napolitano.

– Director of Arizona Dep of Commerce

– Chief of Staff for Department of Homeland Security

– Chief Director US Customs and Border Protection

– Senior Adviser to Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helu

Adviser for Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto

“Carlos Slim works for Carlos Salinas. Carlos Salinas is in the process of taking over Arizona.” – Source to be revealed soon.

“Marco brings with him Carlos Salinas in the background. Marco is Salinas’ front man at this point. When he wins, Arizona belongs to the cartels.” – Source to be revealed soon.

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