Red Flag Laws

Red Flag Laws or Extreme Risk Protection Orders; firearm possession bills violates Constitutional Amendments I,II,IV,V,VI,VIII and XIV. These bills

  1. Denies Citizen Due Process (XIV)
  2. Unconstitutional Search and Seizure (IV)
  3. Denies Right to Face Accuser (V) & (VI)
  4. Infringement of II Amendment Rights (II)
  5. Legal Action Based on Speech or Writing (I)
  6. Unjust financial burden on citizen by government(VIII)
  7. The Right to Legal Defense (VI)

As of July 22nd, 2019, seventeen US states have passed ERPO legislation. Due to the fact that the accused is not actually being “charged” with a crime, many of the states do not even afford the accused a public defender.

Below is a list of states that have enacted this legislation and a link that contains the redress of grievances, legislation and additional information pertaining to each individual state.

We will be adding additional states, check back daily for updates……








Rhode Island





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